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Story of the Dove Gladiator
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Born in the small village of Graquin in the Blessed Blue Wilderness (landscape generator), Katrijin Du'Maud was raised by her father, Serl Du'Maud. Serl was the head of the militia, hired out by every city within a hundred miles for tasks ranging from guarding royalty to quelling rogue uprisings.

Ignoring the ban on teaching women to fight, Serl taught Katrijin, his only child, every skill he knew. When the Du'Maud family became well known enough to vie for a seat in the council, Serl was marked for death by those not wanting the competition. Just to be sure, Graquin was burned to the ground by the assassins, and its inhabitants killed without mercy.

The soul survivor of this attack, a fifteen-year-old Katrijin emerged from the wine cellar to find a black and burning plain that had once been her home. The only thing stirring was a flock of snow white doves, which rose from the charred buildings and took to the sky. Believing it to be a sign from the gods, Katrijin fled in the direction of their flight. Five years later, assuming the role of gladiator, she returns ready to fight, and ready to avenge her people.

Dove Galdiator - wacky class generator

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